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Ready to discover your path?

Hello! I am Jill. I am an astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic medium. Born and raised in the Philippines, and am currently in London, UK. 

I am a Spiritual Practitioner under Collective.PH. A team of practitioners with a communal purpose. Our goal in the Collective is to generate progress and results from our spiritual practice, in an effort to flourish alongside our community.

Aside from being born in a family that performs magick and esoteric practices, I am a member of the Astrological Lodge of London. I am a graduate of Tarot Master from Wargachuk Mystic and Hollistic Academy, Canada. I took up Astrology from Cosmic Connections, Philippines, and have pursued further studies at The Astrology School (USA) and London School of Astrology (UK, In-person). I am certified in Teaching and Presenting Astrology. I am also a certified Reiki practitioner and received my Usui Reiki attunements (Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Holy Fire) in person from the 2 top Reiki schools in the UK, Reiki Academy London and Reiki Maya London. Thanks to my job as a flight attendant, I am able to take up courses all around the world in person. I have taken workshops and courses on Psychic Abilities, Magick, Psychology, and more from international institutions like Watkins Academy, Treadwell's,  Shimmering Light Therapies, and more

It is very important to me that I give you the best that I can, so I enroll and study with the best I can find. Learning is a never-ending journey for me and I aim to grow and give back to everyone who books with me. 


All my services are all-in-one, Tarot, Astrology, and Mediumship. Please check below for my services. I have made everything as affordable as I can because I want everyone to be able to experience this and see how life-changing this can be. 

How do the readings work?

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Every reading will make use of your natal chart and transits and it will include Tarot, Astrology, and Mediumship mixed with different tools and sources. 


I am equipped to use Astrology, Tarot & Oracle cards, the Spirit board, pendulums, dice, numerology, crystals, sigils, herbs, and many more tools. All these will be included in your booked reading and used if deemed necessary.

My readings and practice aren't a miniature offering from an eclectic practice, but a one-of-a-kind mediumship system crafted from intensive training and professional guidance. 


For busy clients that can't attend a live session, you can get a recording version of a session, you can request that on the form and it will be delivered the same day you chose the schedule. You can also order a PDF version from the offline menu. 

More than 300+ happy clients!


See all the happy clients?

that was a joke. 

Over a hundred reviews on my Facebook and Instagram page


Let's get things going for you!


How to Order?

Follow the simple steps below:

Browse the website, scroll down for selection

Select your reading then click "Book Here"

Select your time slot then click next. 

Fill out the form. If you want an offline recorded reading instead, just state that and list your questions

Pay for your session through Xendit only. It accepts Gcash, Card, Bank, Paymaya etc. If you choose Pay-in-Person for an online session, it will only cancel your booking. 

Wait for your session/delivery via registered email

For any inquiries, you may call/chat customer service

+63 966-824-6240 or email connect@collective.ph

Please take the time to read our

Terms and Conditions before booking


Energy Channeling

All sessions will make use of your natal chart combined with other tools and mediums. 
Take some time to reflect on your queries and book the appropriate channeling.
Available live but if you want to be just a recording instead, just request upon booking and list down your questions. 
Please provide complete and accurate birth details to ensure the best accuracy I can give. If you don't have all details asked for, it's okay, we will not be using your natal chart if that's the case and will use other methods instead.

Live / Recorded Sessions


Solar Channeling

Gain insight into your personal essence and harness your inner light.

General Reading

30 mins

1-3 questions 

Book Here


Channel of Venus 

Understand the nature of love from the truest energy within.

Guidance on love and relationships

45 mins

1-5 questions 

Book Here


Channel of Shadow

Face the darkness within to dispel the weight of our karmic burdens.

A reading for your Shadow Work and Karma and how to overcome and repay it. 

60 mins

1-5 questions 

Book Here


Lunar Channeling

Shed light on your emotional depths to find inner truth.

Let's dive deeper into your emotions

30 mins

1-3 questions 

Book Here


Channel of Mars 

Work out the conflicts in your life and understand their energy dynamics.

Guidance on dealing with your inner conflicts

45 mins

1-5 questions 

Book Here


Channel of the Nile River

Access abundance by identifying your natural source from within.

Unlock your best path to  abundance and your pot of gold

90 mins

1-5 questions

Book Here


Channel of Mercury

Assess your present situation and balance your social circumstances.

Social skills & Career Guidance

45 mins

1-5 questions 

Book Here


Channel of Light

Connect to your guiding lights, to spark your inner light with the truth.

A deeper reading on you, your strengths, and path.

45 mins

1-5 questions 

Book Here


Channel of the River Styx

Open up beyond present constraints and connect with energies outside our immediate reality. Mediumship service for tapping onto the River Styx 

Remove your blockages & be reborn. Talk to the departed. 

90 mins

1-5 questions

Book Here


The Book Of You

PDF Natal Chart Report