• Jilly

2021 was Sh*t

That was my initial thought when I tweeted this tweet last 15Dec21 when Twitch sent their yearly review for 2021.

According to that review, I only streamed 200+ hours and didn't gain much growth and whatnot. So I tweeted this since being a streamer is something important to me, despite it not being on top of my list. I don't even want to look at my youtube yearly review lol.

It sucks not having time to do the things I was thriving on last year. Last year was an amazing year for my content creation, I was averaging a big number of viewers, had a thriving community, consistent income, and gained so many friends. (Although my Ascendant on square with my Pluto, I have this internal struggle of being seen and being private lol astrology tingzzz)

With that thought in mind, I was so fast to see all the bad things that happened to my 2021. I wasted time with a person that drained and destroyed a lot of the things I was building, I lost the job that always felt like a dream, my wings were clipped and I was forced from flying everywhere as a Flight Attendant to a regular corporate job..all the bad things just came flowing through my thoughts.

Then I woke up earlier today with a notification on my phone from Selfpause - an app that sends me affirmations that I can meditate on every day

I gratefully receive the lessons that each experience brings.

Then I realized, was 2021 really sh*t?

I looked back at my situation last 2020 vs 2021 then I started listing down the things I am grateful for this 2021.

  1. A bigger Home

  2. A new career

  3. My own home studio

  4. Recovered savings

  5. I am legit certified in new skills (ASTROLOJILL, Tarot Master, Astrology, Website building wooo!) and JUST NOW enrolled to HarvardX for more courses

  6. I moved on from toxic relationships

  7. Better relationship with my loved ones

  8. Better relationship with myself - I hate myself a lil less this year