• Jilly

All Kill Blackhead Remover Stick Review

I have really oily skin and although my blackheads are barely visible, I do get a lot (i mean a LOT) of whiteheads. So when I saw this in Myeongdong street in my Korea layover, I had to try it! It was my first time seeing it and this brand isn't available in Manila yet.

So introducing to everyone, Rire's All Kill Blackhead Remover stick! I got this on sale for about 4000 won which is roughly around 188 pesos only. Really cheap! I'm not sure though how much the original korean price is but in Althea Philippines it sells for 400 php on sale and original price is 790 php


It comes in a handy slim stick form, you have to twist it for the product to come out. It smells lovely like lavender and it has Bentonite, Hyaluronic Acid, Charcoal Powder, Rice Extract, Black soybean and black sesame extract.

How to use

To use it one has to wet their nose and rub this product all over it for a few seconds then rinse off, pretty simple. It's basically an exfoliator.


here's a photo of my nose before using it (pardon, it's a bit yuck)