• Jilly

Bangs by T&J experience

If you have hair like mine you would understand why i dread going to salons. I have thick, damaged, wavy hair.

The last time I cut my hair was almost 2 years ago, no joke I just let it grow out, split ends and all. Not because I wanted to grow my hair out, but because I hated going to salons. I guess I got tired of them telling me how ugly my hair is.

Every time I would go they'll say "Mam we have to cut your hair really short because of the damage" "Pa rebond ka mam! ang kapal masyado ng buhok mo" "Ipastraight natin buhok mo mam, pramis maganda lalabas!"

Before I would give in to what they say, I had my hair rebonded, straightened, did the Brazilian blowout thing that they say would be good for your hair (it wasnt on mine) got permed, treated...everything!

None of it made me feel better about my hair.

Everytime after a haircut, I would walk out of the salon feeling embarrassed and ashamed. I looked as if they tried to cut 80% of my thick hair. They were obsessed with making it thinner and flatter. After shampooing I would always ask to just blow dry it but they insist on flat ironing until it was literally flat.

So one day I just said, "f it, I'm never going to a salon ever again."

However, I went through this problem at work. My hair was getting too thick and long that my hairnet doesn't fit anymore and on top of that, My hair would "spit out" my hairpins that are securing my bun.

Yes, spit out. I had to get it cut.

Having went through so many salons, I just decided to go to the first one I see. So i went to Market Market and saw Bangs by