• Jilly

Cleansing Tarot Cards

I recently bought the Tarot deck I have been so drawn to for months, the Ethereal Visions Tarot deck by Matt Hughes.

Of course, prior to the arrival of my cards, I bought all the necessary tools I will need to cleanse. Here I will show you how to cleanse Tarot decks.

I made a short video of how I personally cleansed my cards, you may do the same methods I did or you can try the others I have listed down here.


I believe this is the most popular way to cleanse your deck with tools. You can use the smoke of incense. sage, palo santo or even lavender and other sacred herbs to cleanse your deck and rid it of external energies.

Simply light up your chosen instrument and let the smoke envelop the cards.


My personal favorite. You can use sound vibrations to cleanse your cards as well. I personally use a Tibetan singing bowl, however, others use bells and even clap loudly beside the cards. Keep making sounds until you feel you have rid of the energies attached to the cards.


Another popular method, crystals. Be sure to use cleansed and charged crystals though! Personally, I use crystals as "maintenance" cleansing. After initial cleansing with either smudging or sound, I do a reading, then I use crystal cleansing afterwards. For crystal cleansing, simply put a crystal on top of your deck and meditate on cleansing it.