• Jilly

Fight oily skin with Unicorn Elixir by Hello, Gorgeous!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Name: Unicorn Elixir

Brand: Hello, Gorgeous (local) Price: 380php(15ml)/780php(30ml)

I’ve been using this product for 6 months now. People always compliment how supple, bright and clear my skin is and I always say it’s because of this product.

A bit of background, Hello Gorgeous is a local skincare brand that started out as skinline essentials. I’ve been using their products for a good 3 years now. They’re affordable and effective!

Back to the product, it’s claim to fame is that it can be a makeup primer, tames your hair, nourishes your cuticles, gives you a youthful glow, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes skin, heal damaged skin, brightens skintone and it balances your skin.

Here are a list of their ingredients and it’s effects.

  • Avocado oil – Moisturizer and natural sunblock

  • Rosehip oil – corrects dark spots, hydrate dry,itchy skin, reduces scars and fine lines

  • Evening Primrose oil – helps with eczema and psoriasis, reduces redness, saginess and fatigued skin, treats acne, moisturizes skin, brightens skin

  • VCO – moisturizer, antibacterial, prevents acne, treats fungal infection, reduces wrinkles, relieves sunburn, soothes chapped lips

  • Moroccan Oil – repairs damaged hair, prevents frizz, shines hair, prevents split ends

  • Argan Oil- moisturizer, hair conditioner, anti aging, heals damaged skin, repairs dry, brittle nails, lip moisturizer

  • Lavender Essential Oil – treats acne, helps you sleep, helps with hair loss, helps with psoriasis, prevents wrinkles

  • 24k Gold Flakes – antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, helps with acne

But HERE is the real reason why I bought this

Initially, when I thought of buying this product its because of my oily skin. Did you know you can fight oily skin with oil? YES, you can! NO, I am not crazy, I did tons of research! (lol) As long as its non comedogenic. Stripping your skin from its natural oils with astringents and drying products will only condition your skin to produce MORE oil in the long run (trust me, i know). So, a solution? Fight oil with oil! How? Its simple chemistry, oil will dissolve oil and replace it. What better way to do that with an all-in-one product?