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Learning Tarot | Jillightenments

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Tarot is truly trending right now! Such a strange feeling that this practice that used to be so subtle is now very popular and commercial. It's nice to see more people be open to these kinds of things, I know not a lot are before, so I kept it in the down low. Now that it feels more accepted, I no longer have that little fear of coming out in the open with this.

I first discovered about tarot when I was a child, I think as early as 6 years old. I had always been in touch with my spirituality ever since, and when I saw the very first set of tarot cards decades ago in Fully Booked, I was so attracted to the art and the energy it possesses. I knew it was more than just pretty-looking cards, which is also the very reason why I didn't want to touch on to it until I felt I was ready to handle it. (gotta admit, I am impressed my child self decided on that on her own, lol)

Fast forward, decades later, July 2021, after a series of heartbreaks, misfortunes, and life lessons, I felt I was mature enough to handle it. I bought my very first deck, the classic Rider–Waite tarot deck, and started to practice on it. (after cleansing, of course)

I have to admit at first, I didn't research that much into Tarot reading, I simply resonated with the art and energy of each card and tried to decipher its meaning with no guide. I meditated on it for weeks and practiced on myself. Made my own ritual, used the crystals I felt resonated with it (since I have been practicing crystal healing since 2018), and just simply went with the flow to get in touch with my intuition with the help of the Universe.

When I felt that I was ready to let my closest friends know, that's when I proceeded to attend a class and read books on it.

After getting some formal education on it, I took elements from it but still stuck to some things I do that are just for me, to make my readings closer to my heart and intuition, make it more Jill-like.

After weeks of studying, I gave my first ever reading to my best friends.