• Jilly

Leaving Cebu | Uprooting from the home I built

I lived in Cebu for 2 years.

I loved living there. I was independent, free, and living my life how I wanted to. I built my home there with my cabin crew+streamer salary along with my little girl, Ellie.

I chose to stay there despite being originally from Manila. In Cebu, I learned how to adult. lol. Truly being independent is something not everyone is capable of experiencing. I do believe it takes a certain type of bravery to truly live in solitude away from the comforts of home.

It broke my heart that on this day last year, October 21, 2020, I had to leave it all behind.

The pandemic forced too many people to conduct drastic changes in their life. A lot lost their jobs, properties, businesses, even sanity.

I lost my job and my home (I got a lil bit crazy too). It was heartbreaking.

It was hard to say goodbye to the symbol of my independence, my apartment. I made that tiny 1 bedroom into a home. It had complete appliances, the kitchen and pantry were fully stocked and the home was decorated with knickknacks that made it into my safe space.

I went back to Cebu one more time to pack my things and leave. I had a total of 8 boxes that I packed to take back to Manila, the rest I sold to my neighbors in a "pay what you want" system.