• Jilly

Love and Light aka No Offense

I personally dislike the expression "love and light" because it is toxic positivity, especially when used wrong.

I'm seeing people in the spiritual community using "love and light" yet is supporting a criminal

Heck, lahat ng content nila puro love and light, higher vibrations and "accept nalang what's happening"

Jesus literally flipped tables in anger when he saw corruption.

Asan ang love and light dun?

Ground yourself. Check on yourself. You can't hide behind love and light when shadows are all around you, especially if you support and spread those shadows.

If you truly love the people selflessly, fight for what's right. Fight for the light. That is the true love and light.

Spirituality is politics. Witches are activists! Yet there they are siding with the enemy.

Us, as people must embody the change that we want to achieve.

I believe this message is telling us not to give up.

We saw injustice unfold right infront of our eyes but remember

The Power is with the People.

Paired with compassion and truth, we will overcome this.

Never give up

Never forget