• Jilly

Polar Opposites: From Flying to Working From Home - A message to my fellow former FAs

Funny and strange how much things have changed in a year. I went from flying to different countries to being stuck at home working full time in front of a computer.

I used to be a flight attendant for the Philippine flag carrier, Philippine Airlines. Pre-pandemic, my life was unrooted, never stayed in one place for a long time. Always on the go, in a foreign land, meeting new people, different, unpredictable circumstances, irregular schedules, even small things like always in uniform, wearing the company's "one look" and of course, following rules that is not limited to the workplace. I was like air, up in the sky and always moving, never in one place.

Heck, even my personal life and relationships are polar opposites, but I will reserve that for another blog post.


Fast forward to the present, nearly the exact opposite to how things were a year ago. Here I am, typing this post as I am about to start my shift of my new work-from-home job.

Currently, I am working a corporate job, was even promoted to manager. Until now I find that so hard to believe.

I used to think when I lost my FA job, that I will have a hard time looking for new work. All I knew, aside from my university education, is being a flight attendant. I would think that it's work experience that is deemed irrelevant to a lot of jobs and I felt like I was being forced to start all over again at 27, by all over again, like I was a fresh grad looking for her first job.