• Jilly

Retrenchment: Hurtful Goodbyes to the job I loved

What hurts more than heartbreak?


re·trench·ment /rēˈtren(t)SHmənt/

noun "The reduction of costs or spending in response to economic difficulty."


This is just me writing about my experience with retrenchment and some history about my journey with Philippine Airlines.

I flew with the Flag Carrier since 2015. I went through the whole journey of training for domestic, flying with domestic first, then promoted to lead domestic crew, trained again, then promoted to the international crew, was based in Manila, then was part of the first batch to be based in the Cebu Hub. I had a family full of people in the aviation industry. I felt like my whole life was being led to me being a Flight Attendant, and eventually a pilot.

Come, 2020, everything changed. The pandemic crushed a lot of people's lives and dreams, including mine. I was part of the unlucky crew that was let go by the airline that provided for my family for 3 generations.