• Jilly

The Fitness Journey that changed my life

It was April 1, 2019, one of the most awaited days in my career in my new international company, cabin crew recurrent training!

It's that once a year time where I can see all my batchmates together again for a whole week.

Being based in Cebu and the training held in Manila, we were provided with hotel accommodations with free breakfast and apart from that, a whole week with my friends, family and loved ones!

Long story short, I ate to my hearts content and reached my heaviest weight so far 63 KILOS.

I panicked and cried when i stepped into the scale at my small apartment in Cebu. I was devastated. I did some reflecting and realized that I am also in the worst shape I've ever been. I'm an active girl, an athlete...well I used to be but due to my heartbreak and depression that I suffered back the last six months of 2018, I let myself go.

I had to take charge agai